Exclusive 3December Bundle

Exclusive 3December Bundle

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As the end of the year approaches we prepared something special for you. In collaboration with our friends and partners we created a special deal.

If you purchase an annual Scene Manager between December 18 - 22, you will receive some free assets and limited discounts that you won’t find anywhere else! The offer is limited to the first 100 buyers, so don’t hesitate too much.


Buy an annual Scene Manager license and get access to the limited 3December bundle in collaboration with our friends and partners. The bundle includes:

  • 1 monthly license for Project Dream
  • 11 Filmic LUTs and 3 HDRi from 3D Collective + 15% coupon
  • 10 Vermeer Skyscans + 30% coupon
  • 1500 Helio cloud render credits
  • 25% discount across the entire NM-Lab shop
  • 15% discount for the 2024 Brick Academy courses
  • 200 EUR off from the Battle Plan by Horoma

The total value of the bundle is more then 600 USD, plus additional discounts that can be used in our partner’s webshops.

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Let’s see the details what is included:


1 annual Scene Manager Pro license

Scene Manager became one of most the essentials tools for 3D Artists that are doing visualization. You can fully control your scene and switch between composition, lighting scenarios, layers, render settings and more. The one-year pro license provides access to all features.


1 monthly license for Project Dream

Our AI tool, Project Dream will enhance your creative process by helping you find the ideal mood, composition, and color palette for your project. During the one month, period you can create an unlimited number of images. Make sure to join our discord channel to follow the project and check what others are dreaming up!


11 Filmic LUTs and 3 HDRi from 3D Collective

Add the final touch to your projects with this awesome HDRi and LUT collection from 3D Collective. This special package includes the most popular products from the 3D Collective shop, which are extensively used in the archviz industry. You will also receive a 15% discount code for use in the 3D Collective webshop!


10 Vermeer Skyscans

With Vermeer, you can simplify complicated CGI lighting setups and maintain a consistent level of quality and photorealism in your output. Gain access to 10 Vermeer Skyscans, which are among the most advanced HDRIs on the market. Additionally, you will receive a 30% coupon that can be used to purchase more scans.


1500 Helio cloud render credits

Helio offers the fastest and most affordable cloud rendering. With our special integration, you can seamlessly submit cloud renderings directly from Scene Manager with just a few clicks. We will collect all your assets, check your plugins and prepare your scene for rendering. Get started with 1500 render credits and render your next project on the cloud.

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25% discount across the entire NM-Lab shop

Nouvelle Mesure Lab specializes in creating realistic 3D environments, plants, and models. They offer ‘Plug & Play’ ForestPack objects that are easy to use and look great straight out of the box. Get 25% off across the entire shop!


15% discount for the 2024 Brick Academy courses

Brick Academy offers hands-on, personalized education for all skill levels, delivered by archviz professionals. The academy offers a variety of courses including Image Generalist, Post Production, Animation, and a new Unreal course. You can receive a 15% discount on 2024 courses. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills next year!


200 EUR off from the Battle Plan by Horoma

The Battle Plan by Horoma is an evergreen, in-depth, regularly updated online course that will help you reach mastery in the most fundamental aspects of architectural visualization. Plus you will get an hour-long 1-on-1 review of a selected sample of your work. In our special bundle, you can receive a discount of 200 EUR!

Visit our shop and purchase an annual Scene Manager to access all these wonderful tools, assets, and services included in this limited edition bundle!

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Important information about the deal:

  • After purchasing a Scene Manager license, you will receive a separate email with instructions, codes, and links on how to claim the discounts and free assets.
  • You can only purchase the 3December bundle once.
  • The discount is available from December 18-22 or until 100 purchases are made.
  • Some partner discounts are time-limited, so please ensure to download and use the coupon codes as soon as possible, otherwise, you might lose them.
  • If you have any questions about a deal, or the content or usage of a specific tool or service, please contact the partner directly.

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