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Post Manager 1.1 is out now!

Awesome new features and major bugfixes

Thanks to your continuous feedback and feature requests, we are proud to announce that Post Manager 1.1 is available!

This new version brings you widely requested new features like changing the Wildcard, Luma Masks , Channels From Masks and Cloud Templates, with a completely rewritten algorithm for image and render size recognition, that lets you replace your render elements even in the most complicated Photoshop documents!


Added a new Wildcard feature to the setting menu, where you can change the default "#" sign to a number of other special characters
You can find the Wildcard option, in the settings window

Luma Mask

Added a new Luma Mask feature that gives you the same options to handle luminosity masks as you do for RGB ones, like a Multimatte
You can assign Luma Mask Roles in the "Manage Render Elements" window

Your Luma Masks will be generated, and replaced the same way, as your RGB masks

Create Channels from Masks

From now on every mask Post Manager creates, will be also added as a new Channel in your document
Channels will be created, and updated at the same time, as layermasks

Cloud Templates

Added a new Cloud Template feature, where you can attach your templates to your account, and share them with your colleagues easily
Cloud Templates will be stored on our servers, and are accessible on every computer, using your account

Additional updates

  • Brand New algorithm for document and layer sizing and placement-
  • Added new Linear templates to the default template list.
  • Added a support for some additional image format metadatas
  • Various UI element updates

To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Post Manager page, download and install the latest version!

We hope you like it!

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