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3ds Max

Scene Manager collects all important settings that are scattered throughout 3ds Max and brings them together in a unified interface.

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Camera, lights and... Action!

Let us organize and take control over the most essential elements of your scene. Create as many composition and lighting scenarios as you need and easily switch between them!

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Sunny, overcast, magic hour...

Why not try all of them? Load in your favourite hdri maps and make quick decisions on the fly. Rotate and adjust them as you wish and get the best possible outcome!

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Was this on or off?

Organized or unorganized we don't judge! Pick layers or objects that matter and let Scene Manager remember the rest.

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Create the folder structure and naming convention that your project requires. Manage your outputs individually or at once like never before, using presets and templates.

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Render, sleep, save, repeat!

Organized or unorganized we don't judge! Pick layers or objects that matter and let Scene Manager remember the rest.

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Import / Export

Save and reuse your states including all involved geometry, maps and materials. Create templates from your precious settings and share them with your team.

Custom Properties

Add extra control for your cameras, lights, objects and more. Choose your favorite properties and customize Scene Manager to your needs!

Render Settings

Subdivisions, limits, thresholds and all the essential settings are at your fingertips. Go even deeper by using render presets or our special override module.

Post Production

Save and retrieve your vfb layers and tone map settings for each of your renders. Experiment and play around with different looks and let the Scene Manager do the rest.

Render Manager integration

Submit your entire project with one click! To get the best experience you can use Render Manager to batch create jobs and offload your work.

Render Settings

Go beyond what is possible and extend the general features with your own scripts and bring Scene Manager closer to your pipeline.

Helio Cloud

Cloud Rendering

Scene Manager integrates seamlessly with Helio and lets you submit cloud renderings effortlessly with only a few clicks.

Supported software

We proudly support the most commonly adopted render engines for 3ds Max with special attention to updates and new features.

3ds MaxV-rayCoronaFStormRedshiftArnold

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