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Scene Manager opens up a universe of possibilities for each camera, offering unique lighting, render settings, outputs, and much more…

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Save and manage all your ideas. Take full control over your composition including camera settings, aspect ratio and resolution.

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Control all aspects of your lighting. With Scene Manager you can easily manage your sun, sky or hdri map properties.

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Layers & Objects

Ensure all your layers and objects are set up correctly. Manage the visibility, position, material, and other properties of your layers and objects for each camera.

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Render Output

Create the folder structure and naming convention that your project requires. Manage your outputs individually or at once like never before, using presets and templates.

Render Settings

Subdivisions, noise limit, thresholds and all the essential settings at your fingertips. You can go even deeper by using render presets or our special override module.


Save and retrieve your vfb layers and tone map settings for each of your renders. Experiment and play around with different looks and let the Scene Manager do the rest.

Batch Rendering

By using Scene Manager you can be sure that all your images will be rendered automatically with the right camera, lighting, layers and render settings.

Import / Export

Save and reuse your states including all involved geometry, maps and materials. Create templates from your precious settings and share them with your team.

Custom Properties

Add extra control for your cameras, lights, objects and more. Choose your favorite properties and customize Scene Manager to your needs!


Go beyond what is possible and extend the general features with your own scripts and bring Scene Manager closer to your pipeline.

Cloud Rendering

We are partnering with the fastest and most innovative cloud rendering services to provide the best experience.

Render Manager

Submit your entire project with one click! To get the best experience you can use Render Manager to batch create jobs and offload your work.

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What’s new in Scene Manager 2.5

Scene Manager 2.5 is now available, introducing a faster core, new login experience, new modules, improved user interface, and more.

New Core

The core of the product has undergone a complete replacement, leading to faster command execution and an enhanced overall experience.

Assets & Plugins

The new modules will enable you to track and collect your scene assets and monitor the plugins you are using in your scene.

Improved User Interface

The new toolbar icon, browser-based login, and updates to the header section have made the user experience easier and smoother.

Supported engines

We proudly support the most commonly adopted render engines for 3ds Max with special attention to updates and new features.

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Scene Manager is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for architects and 3D artists worldwide. Try it now and see why it's the top choice for managing 3D scenes.


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Control up to 5 states

Assets & plugin check

Camera, Resolution

Sun, Dome, Environment

Render Output

Notes, To-do, Thumbnail

Batch & Cloud Rendering

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Everything in Lite

Create unlimited states

Time Output

Lights, Hdri Browser

Objects, Layers, XRef

Render Settings, Render Elements

Post-Production, VFB, Lightmix


Import / Export

Custom Properties

Bake Setups

Batch Viewport Preview

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the limitation of Scene Manager Lite?

Scene Manager Lite allows you to create and switch between up to 5 states, and grants access to 12 modules such as the Camera, Resolution, Render Output, and Sun among others.

What is the difference between the Lite and Professional plans?

The primary difference between the Lite and Professional plans lies in the number of states you can create and manage. The Lite version allows only 5 states, whereas the Professional version permits an unlimited number. Additionally, the Professional version includes access to all 25 modules, Batch and Cloud Rendering features, Custom Properties, Batch preview, Bake setups, Import/Export, and more.

How does floating licensing work?

Floating licenses enable you to use Scene Manager across multiple computers. The license is automatically allocated to and removed from your computer when you open or close the product. Keep in mind that a single license can only be used on one computer at a time.

How many licenses do I need for my studio?

It truly depends on your workflow and how frequently you want to use the Scene Manager. If it's an integral part of your daily routine, we recommend getting a license for each workstation.

How can I manage my licenses?

To view a list of your active licenses and subscriptions, please visit pulze.io/account. Here, you can also easily upgrade or downgrade your licenses.

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