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Scene Manager

Your ultimate scene management tool for 3ds Max

Scene Manager collects all important settings that are scattered throughout 3ds Max and brings them together in a unified interface.

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Render Manager

The most convenient render management solution

Render Manager is an artist-friendly solution that solves the age-old problem of managing network renderings. It offers a set of easy-to-use and smart features to supercharge your work intuitively.

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Post Manager

Unique layer and mask management tool for Photoshop

Post Manager takes care of the technical details of post-production, so you can focus on being creative. Create clean and well-organized Photoshop files and keep them updated throughout the life-cycle of your projects.

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Project Dream Beta

AI-assisted inspiration to boost your creative process

Project Dream is an AI-assisted tool that can enhance your creative process by helping you find the perfect mood, composition, and color palette for your project. With just a few simple controls, Dream provides endless variations to choose from and unleash your creativity.


Cloud Rendering

Scene Manager integrates seamlessly with Helio and lets you submit cloud renderings effortlessly with only a few clicks.

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Project Dream

A Deep Dive into AI Tools and Image Generation at Pulze

Péter and Mihály discuss the intersection of automation, AI, and design in the architectural visualization industry. They share their experiences with AI-generated content and how it is revolutionizing the workflow of designers and architects.


Pulze Captain

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Scene Manager

Elevate Your 3D Skills: Interior Render Practice

Learn the essential steps to achieve a balanced composition, match perspectives, set up lighting, and apply post-production techniques for a natural color palette.


Péter Pazsiczky

Blog splash image
Scene Manager

Scene Manager Review by RenderRam

Our friend RenderRam provides an awesome review of the Scene Manager plugin. He covers the basics and the essence of Scene Manager with great style.


Pulze Captain

Blog splash image

Autumn Rendering Challenge Roundup

In this article, we've rounded up several prestigious rendering challenges happening this autumn. Whether you're interested in architecture, cars, or creating captivating scenes, there's something for everyone.


Pulze Captain

Blog splash image
Scene Manager

Scene Manager 2.3 is available now!

Get ready to take your workflow to the next level with the latest version of Scene Manager. With exciting new features like Live Mode, the New Lights Module, and the Improved Post-Production/VFB Module, you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Pulze Captain

With the help of our users, we have tested and fine-tuned our products to create powerful tools that makes you happy.
Adrian Keytton

Creative Director @ Blank Canvas Studios

As a result of using Scene Manager and Render Manager, we can output an enormous amount of images to show the client any possible scenario.

Gino Giampaolo

CG Artists @ Somewhere | from Uniform

Scene Manager is creativity's best friend. It means more time to focus on artistry, giving CG artists the peace of mind they need.

Johannes Wolfgang König

Managing Partner @ Bloomimages

Scene Manager has greatly changed how we process different images within one file. Its clean and structured approach simplifies team work and allow time efficient creativity at early project stages.

Alex York

Partner @ Recent Spaces

The support is super fast and adaptable, and this gives us confidence in Render Manager as a stable, long-term investment, which is important to us.

Pedro Fernandes

Founder @ Arqui9

The guys at Pulze Render Manager truly understand how a studio functions, the type of dedicated workflow Archviz has and how it differs from other fields.

Ewelina Lekka

Founder and CG Artist @ EL DESIGN

Scene Manager is a huge time saver! It allows you to switch between individual scenes with only one click without having to remember individual settings.

Giulia Adami

Project Manager @ Brick Visual

I really enjoy using Render Manager. It's user-friendly, super simple, and manages the farm with ease.

Adrian Keytton

Creative Director @ Blank Canvas Studios

With Scene Manager we can create a large number of lighting conditions and test them with different camera angles.