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Render Manager

The most convenient render management solution

Render Manager is an artist-friendly solution that solves the age-old problem of managing network renderings. It offers a set of easy-to-use and smart features to supercharge your work intuitively.

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Oversee your farm

Whether you wish to monitor performance, review and compare installed plugins or track the progress of your jobs, Render Manager offers a simple, yet powerful way to overview them.

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Select, review and submit

With its powerful and unique job submitter, you are able to browse or select the currently opened 3ds Max scene that you wish to render. You can review and modify all the essential settings before submitting them to Render Manager.

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Instant visual feedback

Render Manager will provide detailed status, progress, time and a thumbnail image of all running tasks. This instant feedback allows you to quickly overview your jobs and it blurs the gap between you and the render nodes.

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The easy licensing and configuration process allows you to install Render Manager across the office quickly. Choose between workstation or node mode and start submitting your renders in no time!

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Job Distribution

Choose between the fully automatic Balanced mode with predefined priority presets, or use the Top-to-Bottom one, where the order of the jobs reflects their priority. You will be able to drag and drop your jobs and reorganize the queue effortlessly.


A list of requirements will be automatically created for your job, including all the used 3rd party plugins. Render Manager will detect the missing or mismatched versions and it will notify you in case there is a problem.

Sanity Check

Before submitting your job, Render Manager will perform a series of checks to prevent human errors such as missing assets, not configured settings and many more.

Distributed Rendering

Render Manager has first class support for distributed rendering and offers multiple job types to get the most out of your render farm when dealing with still images.

Packed Tasks

Pack task will be an asset when rendering animation on the GPU, handling large frame counts or when you would like to take off the pressure from your network.

Scene Manager Integration

The tight integration with Scene Manager allows you to submit all your cameras with different camera, lighting, layer config, render and output settings with one click.

Supported software

We proudly support the most commonly adopted render engines for 3ds Max with special attention to updates and new features.

With the help of our users, we have tested and fine-tuned our products to create powerful tools that makes you happy.
Pedro Fernandes

Founder @ Arqui9

The guys at Pulze Render Manager truly understand how a studio functions, the type of dedicated workflow Archviz has and how it differs from other fields.

Giulia Adami

Project Manager @ Brick Visual

I really enjoy using Render Manager. It's user-friendly, super simple, and manages the farm with ease.

Alex York

Partner @ Recent Spaces

The support is super fast and adaptable, and this gives us confidence in Render Manager as a stable, long-term investment, which is important to us.

Adrian Keytton

Creative Director @ Blank Canvas Studios

As a result of using Scene Manager and Render Manager, we can output an enormous amount of images to show the client any possible scenario.

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