Post Manager

Unique layer and mask management tool for Photoshop

Post Manager takes care of the technical details of post-production, so you can focus on being creative. Create clean and well-organized Photoshop files and keep them updated throughout the life-cycle of your projects.

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A clean start from scratch every time

Generate clean and organised layer structure in Photoshop from the start with a click of a button, from pre-defined or your own custom templates

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Updating all layers at once with a singe click

Whenever you render a new version of your image, just point to your output folder, and let Post Manager take care of replacing all your render elments

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The end of your MultiMatte hell

Generate your layer masks automatically from your Multimattes and Luminosity layers, then update and replace them at once from your new elements

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Custom Templates

Do you have you own preferred organized layer structure? Make a template out of it, and generate your new Photoshop files from it

Render Regions

Rendered out a region? No problem! Merge your regions into your current document seamlessly, with no extra layers or clutter

Share your Templates

Shoot your templates up to the cloud, or save them as a file to share them with anyone

Final resolution

Upscale your document to its final render's size automatically, regenerate your masks to keep your edges sharp and ready

Support for Linked Smart Objects

Keep your psds manageable, Post Manager now supports Linked Smart Object both at Document Creation and Element Replacement.

Automatic Name Matching

Automatically match render elements by name, when having tons of multi instanced elements like Multimattes or LightSelects

Supported software

We proudly support the most commonly adopted render engines for 3ds Max with special attention to updates and new features.


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