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Project Dream

AI-assisted inspiration to boost your creative process

Project Dream is an AI-assisted tool that can enhance your creative process by helping you find the perfect mood, composition, and color palette for your project. With just a few simple controls, Dream provides endless variations to choose from and unleash your creativity.


New inspirations, just a few clicks away

Even in the earliest stages of your project, Dream can interpret your compositions and generate ideas for you to explore.


One composition, infinite options

Explore the possibilities of every image before you dive into the details and get inspired by the endless variations you can create.


Leave no idea behind

Dream offers a chat-like interface, ensuring that all of your projects and images are organized and easy to access.


Multiple inputs

From simple prompting to viewport preview and render elements, Project Dream offers several ways to get started.

Friendly settings

Gain control over image generation with a few simple sliders, or delve deeper and experiment with more advanced options.

Pre-defined moods

We have prepared some of the most common scenarios to make the process even faster.

Deep integration

Our convenient plugins will seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow, enabling you to maximize your productivity.


Create additional variations of the image that you like and dream it further.


Explore the details of your selected image and generate a high resolution version of it.

Supported software

Beside the online and desktop version, we offer deep integrations to the most common 3D visualization and architecture applications, like Revit, Rhino, SketchUp and 3ds Max.

Early access
If you're excited to be among the first to try out Project Dream sign up for our early access program. Start saving time by using Project Dream in your next project!

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