Scene Manager 2.3 is available now!

Scene Manager 2.3 is available now!

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We are thrilled to announce that the newest version of Scene Manager is now available for download! This update contains some long-awaited new features and important bug fixes that many of you have been requesting. We would like to thank everyone who reached out and helped us along the way.

Key Features / Highlights:

Live Mode
When live mode is enabled, the Scene Manager automatically adds a new setup if a camera is created. Additionally, it applies Scene Manager settings instantly when changing the active camera or viewport, enabling a faster and non-destructive workflow.

New Lights module
You can control the intensity, size, position, and other properties of any V-Ray, Corona, and FStorm lights. In previous versions, you had to organize and control your lights with layers or object modules using visibility properties. Now, the lights have their own dedicated module, making things much more transparent and easy.

New Thumbnail module
You can save a preview of the viewport or VFB per camera, and use it as a thumbnail for your scene settings. This will help you visualize and review your setups without having to start a render.

Improved Post-production / VFB module
We’ve received a lot of feedback on Post-production since our last release. We invested a significant amount of time into making it more user-friendly and straightforward. Going forward, you’ll find all VFB, LightMix, and Color Correction settings in the Post-production / VFB module.

V-Ray and Corona Clouds properties
We added the latest controls for both V-Ray and Corona procedural clouds so you can easily try out and save multiple versions of your skies.

Improved asset collection for Helio Cloud
Along with better plugin detection, we’ve also added enhanced plugin comparison capabilities, which will automatically compare your plugin version against the cloud. Additionally, we’ve fixed some issues with handling tyFlow and Phoenix cache files, as well as anima scenes. Finally, we’ve improved the asset collection process from xref files.

Get ready to take your workflow to the next level with the latest version of Scene Manager. Download Scene Manager Version 2.3 today and experience the power of new features and improved workflow!

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