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An unusual Space Invaders in 3dsMax

This mini-game started out as a personal experiment. My goal was to create a playable game inside the 3dsMax viewport. I decided to share the script for fun in celebration of 3D December!

The game is pretty simple with an obvious goal to eliminate the aliens in the shortest time as possible.
Before you start please read the following:

  • After downloading the installation is pretty straightforward. Just drag and drop the file onto the viewport, create a button on your toolbar and enjoy
  • Although the script won't do any harm to your file I would suggest playing with it in an empty scene
  • Press A to move left, D to move right and Space to fire
  • During the game, 3dsMax will be locked and you won't be able to click anywhere. You can end the game by pressing the Exit button on the top right corner

Take a break from work, have some fun and share your score with us!


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